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Analysis/Testing Service, Cargo Inspections, Marine Surveying

Specializing in Crude Oil • Petroleum Products • Petrochemicals • Used Oils • Soda Ash • Caustic Soda

Chemical testing & analysis    

Are you looking for a reliable, precise testing laboratory? Call Robinson International (USA), Inc.  for a full range of chemical testing and laboratory analysis services! Located in Houston, Texas, we offer a wide range of product groups  Testing Services and  Inspection Services

Robinson International (USA) Inc. is the USA division of the worldwide Robinson International Group of companies.  The group supplies Cargo Inspection, Marine Surveying, Analysis/Testing and related services to a broad range of clients in 100+ countries.  The group was established in the UK in 1982, and the USA division was started in 1983.   Clients include international oil companies, national governments,  commodity trading houses, international banks, and many other commercial enterprises both large and small.   The group’s operations have been audited and accredited to the International Standard ISO/IEC 17020 by the UKAS Accreditation Agency

In the USA, the company is based in Houston, Texas.  Services include inspection of bulk shipments of a wide range of commodities that include Crude Oil, Petroleum Products, Petrochemicals, Used Oil, Soda Ash, other Specialty Chemicals, Agricultural Products, and Manufactured Goods.  The company operates a full service laboratory in Houston, and tests a wide range of petroleum products and specialty chemicals.  Inspection and testing services have been audited and approved by the US Customs Service.  Key staff in Houston have a total of more than 75 years in the petroleum industry.

A World of Difference
As part of a worldwide group of companies, Robinson International (USA), Inc.  offers global testing and inspection service. We focus on laboratory testing and great customer service, so you can focus on your business! Perhaps that's why we've been doing business for 20 years in this competitive industry.

For expert Testing and Analysis Services,  click here.  For Inspection Services, click here or call Robinson International (USA), Inc.  today!
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